Level 1 Coaching Course June 2018



NSW is hosting the level 1 coaching course. Details are below.

Date: Saturday 2 June 2018 & Saturday 16 June 2018

Time: 9am start

Venue: Pool Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, 128 Miller Street, North Sydney, http://www.monte.nsw.edu.au/

Price: $230 (includes all the texts, examination and the accreditation)

What to bring: pen or pencil, notebook, comfortable sport clothes and shoes (to be worn in the classroom and on a pool deck), lunch, drink and other refreshments

If interested in attending, please fill in the attached registration form and please return it with the confirmation of payment to me via email tokatarina.poorova.ssai@gmail.com (preferred) no later than 2 weeks before the course (ie by 19th May 2018).

Entry prerequisites

Participants are not required to have completed any other training programs as a pre-requisite for enrolling in the Level 1 coaching training program and no practical experience is necessary.  However, to attempt the final assessment at the end of the course (ie on Saturday 5 November), participants must:

  • be financial members of SSAI or hold a current coaching insurance cover. Please contact Synchro NSW registrar on Synchro.nsw@gmail.com  for the current Synchro NSW Registration form. (no need to present confirmation, I will seek this independently)
  • have successfully completed a recognised cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course  and hold a valid certificate (present a copy of the certificate)
  • have read the SSAI Coach’s Code of Ethics Policy and have signed the SSAI  Coach’s Code of Ethics Agreement Form (sign the attached)
  • be 16 years of age on completion of all the Level 1 requirements to be eligible for accreditation (ie within 3 months of attending the course) – (copy of a driving licence, passport, proof of age card)
  • have completed the ASC  “Community Coaching General Principles online course”. To complete this, please access http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/coaches/education/onlinecoach, register and follow the instructions. (present copy of the certificate)

All these documents must be emailed or presented to me before/on the day of the assessment on Saturday 16th June please. 

I have also attached a Needs Analysis Questionnaire and I would very much appreciate if you could fill it in and return to me as soon as possible

Needs Analysis Questionnaire

Coach code of ethics individual

NCAS Level 1 Synchronized Swimming Coaching Course_Registration Form_2018